Lovely Tiling Ideas by Millenium Tiling NSW

Millenium Tiling NSW can create lovely tiled walls and floors throughout your home or commercial office. Our tiling services are not just for bathrooms and kitchens. Here are just a few ideas we can tile for you..

Commercial Tiling

For commercial and executive board rooms, we at Millenium Tiling NSW can tile areas to match the mood of the room or branding of your company. 

Tiling Pool Outdoor Areas

If you have an enclosed area in your back garden, tiled floors look smashing especially in natural stone, especially around swimming pools. 

As you can see, tile walls and floors can be used in many applications to create interest and intrigue throughout your home.

Living Room tiling

Tiles are ideal for the living room where there is high level of traffic. It is for this reason, we pay particular attention to be being precise in our tiling.

Tiling of Fireplaces

If you need a fireplace tiled, we can create some lovely focal points around your fireplace using tile. You can use many different materials from stone to ceramic and glass. We are so versatile we can tile in stone creating a more modern look. Tile can lead up above the mantel as well as be carried down around the hearth.