Waterproofing Protection Service

Waterproof is important particularly in wet areas especially bathrooms and laundries where unseen leaks can cause plenty of damage and even lead to dangerous mould. Here is the basic information your need to know about waterproofing.

Millenium Tiling NSW has been in the industry for over 10 years, offering professional waterproofing services at a very realistic price, Millenium Tiling NSW will assess any tiling project.

What happens if you skip this process before tiling

Water damage can seep and leak for years until it finally becomes exposed through terrible damage. Waterproofing can protect against the harmful effects of water damage including:

  • Growth of mould and mildew which can cause illness
  • Rotting to supporting timber beams and ultimately collapse
  • Damage to cement boards which can begin to deteriorate
  • Metal Corrosion
  • Water Damage to property due to leaks

Millenium Tiling NSW Qualified  Waterproof Installers

We follow the Building Code Standards of Australia. You want to be certain that we protect you by following these standards to ensure you will not have any leakage issues in the future. Thats why you should come to us.

We will offer the best quote for your waterproofing project. If there is no sign of leakage yet and you are trying to avoid leaks describe the area in question and provide accurate measurements. 

Call us to have a professional waterproofer and tiler visit your home or office.