Choosing a Tile Design Pattern 

Millenium Tiling NSW expertise and workmanship is second to none, when it choosing a design and laying tiles. using various designs including brick pattern, French pattern, horizontal, vertical, straight patterns.  We are simply the best at Millenium Tiling NSW and have been in the industry for over 10 years, offering the finest tiling design skills, professionalism and genuine passion for tiling.

We can help you assess the best tile design pattern best suited to the area in question. Its also a great way to add your personal style. Pattern options are many.

Get your tiles professionally installed by Millenium professional Tilers to help make your renovation go smoothly.
Below are just a few tile designs Millenium Tiling NSW use.

When tiling your bathroom, kitchen, or pool, Millenium Tiling NSW will work with you to determine which tile sizes work best together (e.g popular sizes 300mmx300mm, 600mmx300mm or 600mmx600mm), and what the proportions are that you need of the various tile sizes.

Some tile patterns focus on square sized tiles only, others on rectangular sized tiles.
The two trending tile patterns layed by us in homes and commercial sites are the staggered and the straight sets. Straight tile patterns can be set in a vertical position or horizontal position.

Millenium Tiling NSW will discuss patterns available for the tile sizes you like and At Millenium Tiling NSW, we only buy the best materials on the market to guarantee you a professional finish

Our tiling expertise in laying floor and wall tiles will focus on :

  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Minimise tile wastage
  • Making sure the job is both stylish and versatile
  • Whether large or small tiles, square or rectangular tiles
  • Help you to choose the best tile design during the planning phase
  • Using the best glue and grout