Practical, Beautiful Tile Flooring Ideas

Floor tilers Sydney homeowners depend on create practical tile floors that work well in many applications while offering lovely design details to any room.

Entry Ways

Tile is practical flooring for entryways and foyers as they are perfect for protecting against the dirt and wet tracked in from outdoors. Tile can work in any décor scheme as it comes in so many designs and materials. You can create a grand entrance not only with natural stones and marbles but also with many faux tile designs available in porcelains and ceramics. Tile can create more modern entries as well as create classic designs. You can also create interesting insets using different materials, colours and sizes. They also transition well into hardwood floors throughout the rest of the main floor.


Tiles are perfect for kitchens to create a durable easy to clean flooring option. Tiles can be matched to backsplashes and can create borders following the line of kitchen cabinets, eating areas with colourful or graphic insets, or a clean, seamless look using larger sizes and neutral colours.


You can create lovely bathroom floors using mosaic tiles in stone or ceramic and porcelain. Borders can be created along tubs and shower stalls and you can follow the lines behind tubs and in stalls. Large-scale tiles can also be used in larger bathrooms and patterns on the diagonal can create interest. There are endless patterns and insets that can be created as well, from a faux carpet in front of vanities to a circle or square inset in the centre of the floor for an intriguing decorative touch.

Main Floor Halls

Tiles also provide an inviting floor leading from the entry and throughout your main floor. Commonly applied tile floors cover the entire main floor from your front door, back into your kitchen and throughout the family room.

There are so many choices you are sure to find something to complement your home’s décor.

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