Kitchen Tiling Sydney Designers Love

If you are looking for ideas to enhance the look of your kitchen, tiling offers many creative inspirations that can add some panache, class or drama.


Mosaics work beautifully to create stunning backsplashes. You can use them as accents in strips, blocks or to create a focal point behind your stove. Mosaics come in many designs from glass to add sparkle and dazzle to stone to add class and elegance. Mosaics can also be used in an eclectic mix adding interest, using muted natural tones or white with splashes of fun and whimsical colour. Mosaics can also create beautiful floor details with beautiful artistic images or graphic designs mixing tile and stone.


Subway tile still acts as a classic backsplash and a simple white subway tile works in just about any kitchen. If you have a budget challenge you can select less expensive white tiles and add a strip or blocks of stone as well as intermittent glass tile. Glass subway tiles look stunning with more shine and a contemporary look. Subway tiles in black offer an elegant, slick look. They come in many colours from snappy red to elegant taupe and creams. Grey is really on trend especially in glass.

Stone and Marble

Stone and marble tile will add a high-end look and can be mixed and matched to create substantial high end design or you can use it to add special touches in combination with other tile materials. Mosaics in diamond patterns and even in polka dot mosaic can add interest. Large stone tile in granite offers a more seamless appearance when installed above stone countertops. Stone and marble also offer luxurious, opulent flooring options.

Porcelain and Ceramics

Porcelain and ceramic tiles come in endless designs, textures and colours. You can create marvellous designs using patterned tiles on walls and floors. You can mix and match them with glass and stone as well. Porcelain and ceramics are perfect for backsplashes, floors and walls.

You can use tiling on your floors, backsplashes and walls in many different ways to create interest and chase the kitchen blahs away.

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