3 Key Points to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tiling, Sydney

When you decide to remodel your bathroom the tile you choose will make a big difference in the aesthetic, not to mention safety and time it takes to clean it. With that in mind, here are 3 primary things you should consider when selecting the right bathroom tiling, Sydney.



If you have a small bathroom, believe it or not, large tile works best. When large tile is laid, it gives the illusion of a bigger bathroom. This is true for the bathroom floor and walls, as well as the shower walls.


Large tile is also easier to keep clean than small tile since there is less grout to keep clean.




No matter what colour scheme you want to go with, if your bathroom is small, you need to focus on lighter coloured bathroom tiling, Sydney. Dark colours make the room look smaller. Of course, it is always a good idea to choose patterns, such as a mosaic or chequered pattern to give the bathroom an original look. So, if you do want a lot of colour, try to keep the darker colours on the floor and the lighter, brighter colours on the walls.


Tip: Diagonal tile is great for small bathrooms.




Not all types of tile work best on all surfaces. When you are looking at bathroom tiling, Sydney, focus on safety and comfort for the floor and ease of clean for the walls.


The floor will do best with vinyl tile because vinyl is comfortable and easier to grip than other types of tile. Vinyl is also very inexpensive. Cork tiling is also incredibly comfortable on bare feet, and provides added safety since it is slip resistant. It costs about double what vinyl tile costs, but still not really expensive, especially if you don’t have much floor space to cover.


For the walls, ceramic and porcelain tile works best because the water just rolls off it, making it a cinch to keep clean. These types of tile are also relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to, say, stone tile, which is beautiful, but more difficult to maintain and a lot more expensive.

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